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Griffin Natural Silk Beading Cord & Needle Size 8 0.8mm (2 Metres) Turquoise

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    Natural silk knotting cord with attached needle. Made in Germany
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    2 metres

There is no simpler, quicker, or better way to thread beads. The twisted stainless steel needle at the end of the cord saves threading time. You can knot the cord easily because the thread has the correct twist. Approx. 2 metres of thread per card. Has a slight stretch so it prestetch the cord before working with it to avoid slackness latter. The thread comes with an attached needle that allows you to pass the cord through pearls, beads, and stones without having to double the cord over.

Pure natural silk feels incredibly soft and smooth. GRIFFIN 100% Natural Silk only ever originates from the high-quality centre (filament silk) of the silk cocoon thread and is twisted three times. Only this sleek thread has the characteristic lustre and the irresistible natural beauty of pure natural silk. The Carded Natural Silk Bead Cord from GRIFFIN has been on the market since 1866."

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