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DIY Knotted Tassel Necklace Starter Kit - Mala & Yoga Jewellery

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This Mala Kit comes with everything you need to make your own 108 Mala Bead Necklace. Includes one bottle of Henrietta's Gum, one bead awl, two rolls of 100 metres* of 0.8mm nylon cord (black & white), 45 metres of  brown 0.8 nylon cord, three tassels and our Mala Lava Stone Diffuser Chakra Necklace Kit to teach you the everything you need to know to get started making these beautiful necklaces.

*100 metres is enough for approx. 30 necklaces as we use 3 metres per necklace. You will need scissors.


The Lava Stone Diffuser Chakra Necklace once made up can be used as a diffuser necklace. The lava beads are porous and you can drop one drop of essential oils on a few beads (a little goes a long way, so you only have to put them on a couple of the beads) and it will last 2-3 days.

The necklace has colourful gemstones beads which correspond to different chakras
1 - The Root : Jasper
2 - The Sacral: Red Jade
3 - The Solar Plexus: Tiger Eye
4 - The Heart: Green Aventurine
5 - The Throat: Aquamarine Quartz
6 - The Third Eye: Lapis Lazuli
7 - The Crown : Purple Jade

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