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beadsonline | Tutorial & Tips |How to make a glass tear drop pendant

Tutorial & Tips

How to make a glass tear drop pendant

Create one-of-a-kind jewellery by combining your favourite pattern paper to some glass tear drops.

Glass tile pendants
- Glass tear drop
- Clear adhesive Diamond glaze or Glossy Accents
- fine-tip scissors
- small paint brush (optional)
- patterned paper (this technique works better on paper than card stock as the paper can mold around the the shape of the tear drop.
  • 1. Cut the paper a little bit bigger than the pendant.

  • 2. Take your glass tear drop and apply a layer of Diamond Glaze with a brush. Use your fingers to mold the paper to the back of the glass tear drop. Wait until the Diamond glaze is dried and using your fine-tip scissors cut the paper to fit the tear drop.

  • 3. Using your Diamond Glaze stick some paper to the back of the tear drop. Allow to dry and cut around to fit double checking that the edges are fixed down.

  • 4. Re-pierce the top hole of the tear drop with a pin. Make sure the layers of Diamond Glaze is dry when you re-pierce the hole or you may tear the paper. After piercing seal the back with layer of Diamond Glaze. Allow to dry and add to your jewellery designs.