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beadsonline | Tutorial & Tips | How to make a Scrabble tile pendant

Tutorial & Tips

How to make a glass tile pendant

Make a contemporary pendant, which you can give a personalized twist. Adding the paper to the glass does require patience as it take a while to dry. But rest assured you will be on the road to creating one-of-a-kind jewellery. Beads Online stock everything you need to start creating your own glass tile pendants.

Glass tile pendants
- Glass tiles
- Diamond glaze or Glossy Accents (any clear adhesive like modge podge would also work)
- Bails
- E6000, jewellery glue or super glue (but work quickly)
- fine sandpaper (400 grit)
- small paint brush (optional)
  • 1. Cut the images to fit the tiles. Hold the glass tile firmly on the image and cut around.

  • 2. Fix the image to the tile using a layer of Diamond Glaze. Put the Diamond Glaze on the back of the glass tile. You can either use the diamond glaze straight out of the tube (remember to watch for bubbles) or use a small paint brush. Allow to dry. Clean up any glaze spill over the edges with a damp cloth.

  • 3. When dry check that all the edges are well stuck down. If you wish use some fine sand paper to sand the edges to create a smooth edge. Using glue stick some pretty paper on the back. When dry, seal with a coat Diamond glaze. Allow to try

  • 4. Add bail with your E6000 glue allow to dr. Add to jewellery.