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beadsonline | Tutorial & Tips | How to make a Scrabble tile pendant

Tutorial & Tips

How to make a Scrabble tile pendant

Give pre-loved Scrabble tiles a new lease of life by transforming them to pendants and charms. You can use scrapbook paper, magazines, photos or recycled cards to decorate your tiles. The creative possibilities are endless, Beads Online sells everything you need to make your own Scrabble tiles and alter-art jewellery. Read our quick tutorial below to get started.

- Scrabble tiles
- Diamond glaze
- Bails - smaller size to make connector and medium size for larger chain
- E6000 - we recommend E6000 but you can use super glue but work quickly
  • 1. Cut the images to be slightly bigger than the scrabble tile. Glue on either using glue or diamond glaze. Leave to dry.

  • 2. Using a pen-knife cut off the excess paper. This will give a clean edge

  • 3. To give a glassy glaze and to waterproof apply a coat of diamond glaze. Read our tutorial on creating picture charms to read some tips on using Diamond Glaze. Allow to try for 24-48 hours.

  • 4. Glue on your bails. If you are using super glue work fast. For a more professional glue use E6000 (use somewhere that is well ventilated). If you want to create a connector use two bails on opposite sides.

  • 5. Attach to chains or add to jewellery.