DIY Swiftie Friendship Bracelet - Quick Start Tutorial

Our short video will get you started making these fun bracelet in no time.

1. Cut 25cm of elastic cord.

2. Pre-stretch your elastic cord to help loosen it up. This ensure that your bracelet will stay the same size and won’t stretch and distort. Stretch a small section of elastic at a time.

3. Secure one of end with a small clip. You can also use tape but the clip allows your more creative freedom as you can work on the design from both sides.

4. String your beads. The length will depend on the size of your wrist. Either measure your wrist and add 1cm or use the following dimensions as a guide:
Children 15 -16cm
Small - 16- 17cm
Medium - 17- 18cm,

5. Finish by threading a bead with a large hole to hide the knot.

6. Knot the thread. First use normal knot then follow by a surgeon knot (loop the thread twice before tightening).

7. Secure the knot by applying glue or clear nail polish. Allow 4-8 hours to dry. When dry work the knot under the bead and trim.

TIP Always roll the bracelet onto your wrist rather than stretching

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