About Beads Online

Embrace the maker movement by learning to make your own jewellery & accessories.

Beads online has over 14 years experience sourcing the best priced beads & jewellery making finding. We believe craft shouldn’t cost a fortune so one of our goals is to keep our prices low while finding the best quality product (trust me a lot of trial and error has gone into this plus years of experience). Over the years we have created 100s of jewellery making tutorials & DIY kits. Most of our jewellery making tutorials and instructions four our kits can be found on our blog www.beadingtutorials.com.au. Our blog www.beadingtutorials.com.au is still a work in progress (more ideas than time) but it works in the sense that the instructions are online with clear step-by-step projects. We supply our instructions free of charge to inspire as many people as we can. The internet after all is about sharing.

Being a small business we have to be as fluid as possible following some trends for years like glass tile jewellery making, macramé and knotted gemstone necklace. Others only last for a few months so make sure to check out out our sale section for a bargain as we don't hold on to stock.