Perfect Crimps

Basic Technique – Crimping – How To Use Crimping Pliers, Crimp Beads, Wire Guardians & Crimp covers

You will need
Tiger Tail
Crimp covers
Wire guardians
Crimping Pliers

Step 1: Take your tiger tail and thread one crimp bead and through the wire guardian.

Step 2: Take the end of your tiger tail back through the crimp bead.

Step 3: Your crimping pliers has a kidney shaped hole at the bottom which is called the crimper hole and a round hole at the top called the rounder.

Step 4: Take your crimping pliers and secure the crimp bead in the crimper hole making sure the crimp bead is sitting firmly on the wire guardian. Apply pressure on the pliers.

Step 5: The crimp bead should now have a centre dimple. Try and get the two wires positioned on either side of the centre dimple.

Step 6: Position your crimp in the rounder hole of the crimping pliers. Apply pressure forming a smooth secure crimp.

Step 7: The tiger tail should now be secure and the crimp bead folded flat.

Step 8: Take your chain nose or round nose pliers and hold the crimp over.

Step 9: Place your crimp cover bead over the closed crimp. Gently close the pliers until the crimp cover is closed.

Step 10: Beautifully finished ends!! Now string your beads and repeat step 1-9 to close the strand

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